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The Severe-Duty, Drive-Thru Large Vehicle Wash

From the company that introduced the world’s first equipment specifically designed for professional soft-cloth car washing: Belanger’s Transit Wash tunnel draws on decades of unmatched equipment innovation and engineering know-how, bringing it to the Large Vehicle wash industry at a fraction of the price!

In fact, Belanger wash components have earned more than 160+ combined patents for innovation and design excellence.
So when you choose Belanger, as your Large Vehicle Wash equipment manufacturer, rest assured that you are investing in the industry’s most advanced, energy efficient, leading-edge equipment available anywhere in the world!

The Transit Wash by Belanger is a severe-duty, drive-thru large vehicle wash system designed with the needs of Mass Transit, Public Transportation and other fleet customers in mind. As a severe-duty system, the Transit Wash is built to deliver millions of reliable wash cycles, in just two-three minutes each!

Built on the strength of our aircraft-grade aluminum framework, the Transit Wash stands the test of time with a minimum of moving parts. Where motion is required, the system relies on automotive-grade bearings or lube-free pivot points –for minimal maintenance needs and easy servicing.

Because every transit system has its own mix of vehicles, budget considerations and operational preferences, the Belanger Transit Wash is highly configurable-offering a broad array of wash equipment choices sure to meet your needs.

A Great Transit Wash Needs To Deliver…

Durable Equipment delivers a long service life and reliable operation, making the most of your investment for the long haul.

Effective Cleaning ensures your buses always look their best-impressing passengers and the public alike.

Efficient Operation saves power, water and money-helping conserve resources while preserving your bottom line.

Safe Washing protects your rolling stock by cleaning without damage. Of course, patented innovations makes all of this possible.

This dedication to a great transit wash is evident in every Belanger wash component-starting with the framework. In fact, our fully-boxed I-Beam supports are extruded from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. This material is weldable, workable and stronger than structural steel-with a ‘yield strength’ of over 40,000 PSI.

Which means the ‘backbone’ of a Belanger transit wash is extremely durable, and able to withstand repeated operational stresses. What’s more, it’s compatible with all common wash chemicals- and corrosion resistant ‘through and through’, unlike competitors’ steel supports that use a galvanized surface coating.

Sample Transit Drive-Thru Tunnel Wash Layout

Transit Rendering
Equipment Shown:
  • Bay Length: 80'
  • Bay Height: 30'
  • Bay Width: 23'
Physical Building Requirements:
  • Minimum Bay Length: Consult Belanger
  • Minimum Bay Height: 17'10"
  • Minimum Bay Width: 17'6"

Transit Wash is Modular in design –offering a broad array of wash equipment choices.


  • 80' Rolling, Double Guide Rail
  • Skid Plates
  • Undercarriage Manifold
  • Detergent Arch with Rear Manifold
  • Oscillating Overhead Mitter Curtain
  • Gyro Wrap Side Washers (2)
  • Rocker Spin Clean
  • Rinse Arch
  • Final Rinse Arch


  • Wheel Blasters
  • Medium-Pressure Arches
  • Single-Hung Wrap Arounds
  • Spot-Free Rinse
  • Presoak Arches
  • Rear Intensifier Presoak Arches
  • Single-Hung Full Side Washer
  • Double-Hung Full Side Washer
  • Water Reclaim System
  • Dryers

Your Fleet, Your Wash, Your Way

Because every fleet has its own mix of vehicles, budget considerations and operational preferences, the Belanger Transit Wash is 100% Modular in design –offering a broad array of wash equipment choices sure to meet your needs.

Modular Design Gives You Options:

  • SmartTouchTMXL soft-touch wash maximizes operational savings
  • HydroBladeTMDT touchless wash is accommodating & thorough
  • HydroTouchTMDT hybrid wash combines the best of both

Belanger intentionally designed it Transit Wash with an incredibly-strong framework that enables each component to ‘stand on its own two feet’-without the need for cumbersome cross-bracing. Subsequently, since every piece of equipment is free-standing and modular, we can design the best wash for you-from a Smart Touch XL wash that offers operational cost savings, to an accommodating HydroBlade DT touchless system, to a hybrid HydroTouch DT wash that combines the best of both.

And those components are well-made, too. The patented Gyro Wraps are self-stabilizing and pivot through a full 360 degrees, hugging bus contours for a thorough clean-front, sides and rear-while remaining gentle on mirrors and bike racks. Side brushes are available in single-hung and double-hung designs, with filament or Neo-Tex foam was media-all according to your operational preferences.

What truly makes Belanger’s Transit Wash 100% modular in design, enabling every component to be free-standing with no cumbersome cross-bracing, is the strength of our frame.

  • Made from Aircraft-Grade Aluminum 6061-T6.
  • Stronger than structural steel –with over 40,000 PSI yield strength.
  • Withstands repeated stresses.
  • Compatible with all common wash chemicals.
  • Corrosion resistant ‘Thru & Thru’ unlike galvanize coatings.
  • Fully boxed aluminum I-Beams offer 6-sided strength, while rounded inside corners eliminate stress points.

Hard on dirt, easy on the planet.

Smart Controller and Efficient Wash Motors Give Operators the Power to Conserve Resources –Smart controller can shut off water and power, between washes, in as little as 1 second. With equipment management power like that it’s easy to see how this system's soft-touch equipment uses approximately 60% less power than soft-touch equipment from other large vehicle wash manufacturers.

When It Comes to Fresh Water Use, It's Like Washing a Bus in a Bathtub –Belanger’s Transit Wash System uses approximately 50 gal. of fresh water per wash –the same as a 6-ft. bathtub! In fact, fresh water is only needed for detergent applications and rinsing.

Hybrid Wash' Delivers Maximum Cleaning and Minimum Water Use-Soft-touch cleaning components minimize water and detergent needs, while high-pressure touchless components blast hard-to-reach areas clean with 100% recycled water–Both resulting in noticeable cost savings.

Material selection is an integral part of wash equipment design, not an afterthought. When the right materials contribute to an optimal design, equipment naturally washes vehicles better —and does it longer —before requiring attention.

Belanger’s Transit Wash components come in various different wash media materials. These materials include ‘Traditional’ Soft Cloth, Neo-TexT, and Nylon Brush, and based on the type of wash component they will be used on, each can have a true advantage over the other.

For example, our overhead mitter curtains work best with Soft Cloth material due to its weight which delivers a much better clean as the cloth dances over the tops of vehicles. Likewise, Neo-Tex is a very beneficial wash media when it comes to wash wheels because of it’s light-weight nature and it’s closed cell design which doesn’t let water or dirt penetrate into it. Finally, nylon brush are an ideal solution for washing areas on a vehicle that you don’t want the wash media to get caught up with –such as racks and hitches.

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