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We made the commitment to keep our current ACCESS customers 100% compliant with the industry's latest payment methods. Which means, if you have an ACCESS terminal, we are offering you a retrofit kit that will update your current ACCESS payment system. Available for S-Series, N-Series, or B-Series


  • EMV & PCI Compliant payment methods
  • Contactless payment with Tap N Go & Mobile Pay
  • Industry leading WashConnect Management Software


  • Kit Includes-All new electronics & controller with up-to-date software
  • EMV credit card reader
  • Tap-N-Pay & Mobile Pay
  • 10.4" Color Touchscreen
  • New Enclosure & Door Assembly with locks, new Climate Control System, and new Hood Cover.
  • Components from units will be reused including receipt printer, bill acceptor, bill out tray and coin out tray.

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