Improving Vehicle Wash Uptime Through Touchless Technology

Mar 11, 2021

For more than 35 years, PDQ Manufacturing, Inc. has provided the vehicle wash industry with cutting-edge systems and equipment that are designed to improve the business performance of its clients. Because of that mindset, the PDQ LaserWash has become one of the best-selling touchless in-bay automatic wash systems in history.

Building on that success, PDQ has taken the capabilities of the LaserWash system and turbocharged them with the LaserWash 360 Plus In-Bay Automatic Car Wash. The foundation of the LaserWash 360 Plus is its Smart 360™ Technology, which enables the system to be responsive to the dynamic conditions in the wash bay, resulting in improved system uptime. That is a critical consideration for wash operators, since an idled system is one that can become a drain on the wash’s bottom line.

In addition to the increased uptime that the LaserWash 360 Plus can offer, there are three other benefits tied to this new standard-setting technology:

  • Throughput Rate: The operator’s choice of wash system should always take into consideration the desired speed and throughput rates, all without compromising cleanability. New wash technologies are not only able to physically clean more cars per hour, but they also feature enhanced reporting systems. These computer-based systems can take the operational information that is gathered during the wash process and craft a report that illustrates if the wash is operating efficiently and, if not, where improvements can be made. These reports can also let the operator know when certain parts of the wash may be due for a maintenance check, which will also help improve uptime.
  • Revenue Enhancement: Today’s drivers are looking for value-added benefits when having their vehicles washed. This has led to the creation of a wide variety of revenue-enhancers that can be used to upsell the driver. These items can include things like scented and brightly colored soaps, bug-removal detergents, high-gloss waxes and wheel cleaners. Revenues can also be enhanced through the use of modern entry systems that interface with a loyalty program, which can be a key component in building and retaining a strong customer base. The speed of these new technologies also doesn't slow down the actual wash process, which doesn’t harm throughput rates or system uptime.
  • Optimized Operating Costs: The days of older wash systems powered by hydraulics, air cylinders and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) have come and gone. The new standard in powering washes comes in the form of variable-frequency drives (VFDs). VFDs outperform old hydraulically powered systems because they do not break down as frequently, which results in more wash uptime. In addition to improved uptime, VFDs enable the wash to operate more efficiently, resulting in lower usage and costs for cleaning chemicals, water and energy.

PDQ recognizes the importance of continuous improvement when it comes to doing business and is constantly striving to create better, more efficient and safe ways to wash cars. Its LaserWash 360 Plus is just the latest example of this commitment.