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Helping Make Car Wash Operators Successful Since 1984

Car Wash operators have long recognized the PDQ brand as synonymous with In-Bay Automatic success. For decades, PDQ has set the standard for quality while continually energizing and inspiring the category with a constant eye toward what’s next.

Reasons To Believe

  • The brand behind numerous industry firsts and the standard in quality
  • Exclusively dedicated to the In-Bay Automatic segment
  • The developers of the acclaimed LaserWash.

Belanger Employment Opportunities

ISO 9001 Certification

What It Means To You

To create great car wash equipment, it's not enough to use innovative designs and the best materials. Equally important, is how it's made. While the recipe and ingredients matter, the cooks determine the outcome.

And because PDQ builds equipment to order, it's vital to have processes in place that enable the company to meet each customer's unique needs, in real time, while maintaining consistent quality, throughput and performance.

That commitment to using the best processes and optimal work flow helped the company earn its ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management Systems (QMS) in 1993. PDQ earned this distinction by upholding the internationally recognized quality standard, and became one of the few North American car wash equipment manufacturers to be so recognized.

Today, PDQ is certified to the newer ISO 9001:2015 standard, and maintains this certification by passing an annual review conducted by a respected third-party quality management auditing firm.

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Recent PDQ News


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