Building A Smarter In-Bay Wash Experience

Jul 17, 2019

If you’ve been through a traditional in-bay car wash with fast-spinning brushes, the noisy cleaning process can be a little unpleasant, and it can seem like damage is being done to your vehicle. While there is a small risk of actual damage, the perception that dents and dings are happening to customer vehicles can be a bigger issue for operators.

Traditional in-bay systems can also leave something to be desired when it comes to comprehensive cleaning. No customer wants to leave a wash bay with either damage or dirt on their car, SUV or truck. So, what is an operator to do? Fortunately, smarter solutions are starting to enter the market, ones that provide better coverage, quieter washes and a better experience overall.

Belanger Cube® Soft-Touch In-Bay Automatic Car Wash System

“Smart” is usually a term reserved for apps or cell phones, but there is intuitive vehicle wash technology that deserves this designation, too. Smart features that create a better wash include:

  • Immediate start of wash in response to correct vehicle positioning
  • Angled passes by three columns of spray nozzles that clean hard-to-reach areas like wheels, rockers and spoilers
  • Torque-sensing arms that can detect friction levels and positions brushes in optimal proximity for any type of vehicle
  • Ability to increase and decrease rotational speed of the wash wheels
  • Redesigned media that improves coverage while keeping noise to a minimum
Belanger Cube® Soft-Touch In-Bay Automatic Car Wash System

A system that brings each smart feature to one wash package, the Belanger Cube, is reshaping the in-bay experience for operators and customers alike. The new technology, made possible by Belanger research and advances in wash technology, gives car washes a better offering and each car a better clean. Patented ShineMitt media quietly traces each contour, and SpinLite wash wheels featuring bright LEDs make the Cube in-bay system more noticeable for passersby.

If you have any questions, check out belanger, or to speak directly to a sales representative, call (800) 227-3373.