The Best Arch for Your Car Wash Operation

Oct 21, 2019

Customization is one of the most effective ways to elevate a vehicle wash experience. While a basic trip through a wash bay that effectively cleans the vehicle is expected, a system that cleans and entertains at the same time can be an attention-grabber and is much more likely to bring drivers back. For conveyor systems specifically, arches are a serious crowd pleaser.

These popular components add functionality AND flavor. In other words, they kick things up a notch for drivers travelling through the wash tunnel. Belanger arches, in particular, offer a wide range of capabilities that are sure to please, like LED lights, bubbles and room for custom branding. Take a look at all the product options from Belanger below to find out where a specific arch can fit into your conveyorized wash operation.

Sudzer BL Bubble Arch

Kids and grownups love the magic of bubbles. The Sudzer BL Bubble Arch showers vehicles in bubbles to create a more breezy, carefree cleaning experience, all for a low chemical cost. Full front-end coverage with as little as one-half ounce of chemical per car creates a more premium wash package without digging deeper into the operator’s pocket. A choice between red, green or blue LED illumination lights up the bubble shower and creates a branded element.

Belanger Sudzer® BL Car Wash Bubble Arch


DuraJet brings the best of the driveway into the wash bay. What this means is that the arch’s “Sway & Spray” technology emulates the spray of a handheld hose. Intelligent Twist-N-Flip nozzle action is able to target the front, sides, back and mirrors of each vehicle that enters the wash bay, and light-up arms make the wash more eye-catching to further promote traffic counts. All an operator needs to install a DuraJet Arch is 36 inches of tunnel space.

belanger-durajet-arch-car-wash-component-03 2

Rain Arch

A unique, free-falling rain shower can be used in any conveyorized tunnel application with Belanger’s Rain Arch. Just select from water, wax or a drying agent, then pick the intensity of the shower. It’s as simple as that. On top of operational flexibility, minimal required space and an economical price point make the Rain Arch an easy value-add for operators.


Chameleon Arch

Walking a customer through the wash process educates them on the value they’re receiving and makes them feel like the vehicle is getting a more thorough clean. The Chameleon Arch provides space for branding and service offering announcements. For example, a wax application can be announced by a lit-up LED strip on a Chameleon frame. With a lower price point than competitors and a variety of available colors, this technology from Belanger is a value for the level of branding it brings to your wash.


Conveyorized systems can be hard to tell apart for most car wash customers, but bringing high-quality, attention-grabbing arches into the process can raise the perception of your brand and services. Depending on your available space and the structure of your wash packages, one of Belanger’s arches could be a wise purchase.

If you have any questions about integrating an arch into your car wash, please go to, or to speak directly to a sales representative, call (248) 349-7010.