When is an arch more than just an arch? When it's a great deal, of course. Introducing the Chameleon® Arch Series by Belanger. Say yes to quality aluminum and stainless steel construction, bold colors, vibrant lighting, and flexible branding options. Offered in applicator and utility cross-over configurations, Chameleon® arches are sure to meet your needs.

Available in seven bold powder-coated colors, these easy-care aluminum arches make a powerful impression. What's more, every arch offers a choice of RGB neon light strips, two unique pendant shapes and a distinctive application announcement sign. Simply add your choice of custom decals to both the pendants and announcement signs to help reinforce your brand or service offerings - with the Chameleon® arches the choice is all yours!

Built to last, Chameleon® arches are sure to please. Operators will enjoy their trouble-free operation and the fact that they are often $1,000 or more lower than the competitor's prices. Customers will appreciate the instant confirmation of neon strips lighting as products are applied, creating a powerful experience they are sure to remember.



  • Stainless steel manifold design
  • Allows for any chemical application
  • Powder-coated extrusion finish
  • Is easy to clean and keeps your tunnel looking great
  • Selectable color choices
  • Makes the arch your own and helps reinforce your brand and/or service offerings
  • Broad selection of both pendant and announcement sign choices, each available with custom logos and decals
  • Reinforce your brand and/or service offering while promoting customer loyalty
  • Hidden channel inside extrusion
  • Can be used to hide utility lines or manifold (based on application configuration) and provides a clean, sleek appearance
  • Vibrant neon light strips
  • Illuminate as product is applied, providing customers with instant confirmation of service
  • First-in-class neon light quality
  • Universally recognized for their life-cycle longevity and near-zero maintenance requirements.
  • Available in applicator or utility cross-over configurations
  • Easily meets your facility’s requirements


CHAMELEON-Spot Free Rendering

Spot Free Rinse Arch


Available Pendant Shapes


Optional Announcement Sign

The Legend By Belanger™ Tunnel Series

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