What Makes Car Wash Equipment Smart?

Feb 21, 2020

From smartphones and smart cars to smart homes and smart watches, “smart” has become the new marketing buzzword being applied to any product designed to make our lives better when compared to its less intelligent competitors.

But what makes “smart technology” smart?

When it comes to car wash equipment, smart technology can be defined as equipment that provides the operator much more interaction, control and precision than standard equipment, both on-site and remotely through the use of the internet. The interconnectivity of this equipment should also help make it more secure and reliable for the operator, sending user alerts about potential problems so they can be fixed before they become bigger disasters. Additionally, smart car wash equipment should not only be able to communicate to us and provide real-time performance data; it should be able to detect vehicle size and contours to optimize water and chemical usage while delivering a complete clean.

Belanger Cube® Soft-Touch In-Bay Automatic Car Wash System

When looking to incorporate smarter car wash equipment into your operation, nothing fits this bill more than the Cube from Belanger. Featuring the industry’s first and only self-supporting brush media (ShineMitt), the Cube incorporates a variety of smarter features that add up to an exceptional customer experience without sacrificing throughput.

  • Smart Wheels – Recognizes the shape of the vehicle to maintain optimal positioning and cleaning angles.
  • Smart Touch – Torque-sensing, radial-driven arms detect friction levels using an ultra-fast processor and position the wash wheels in optimal geometric proximity to each vehicle.
  • Smart Spray – Provides faster throughput and better cleaning results thanks to wash arms that cover all sides and angles of the vehicle by “knowing” the right time to pivot during each pass.

Additionally, the Cube includes remote access capabilities so that users can perform any function on the operator console from a PC or mobile device. The Cube is also completely customizable, letting operators choose the best ways to market their sites.

The rate at which technology evolves can be daunting, but effective technology is essential for any business to operate efficiently. As smart technology continues to become more prevalent in our everyday lives, it’s important that car wash operators keep up with this trend to ensure they are providing the best service for their customers.

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