OPW Acquires Transchem Group

Jan 17, 2024

Hamilton, Ohio – Jan. 17, 2024 – OPW announced that it has acquired Transchem Group (“Transchem”), one of the largest suppliers of cleaning, water and site management solutions for the car wash industry. Transchem will now become part of OPW’s Vehicle Wash Solutions platform (“OPW VWS”), which also includes renowned brands like PDQ, Belanger and Innovative Control Systems (“ICS”).

Headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Transchem offers a variety of chemical and cleaning products including premium brands, such as Turtle Wax® Pro and Autolux chemistry; True Vue 2 chemical management; ClearWash water reclaim systems; and Soax pressure washers. Transchem also offers private label and custom chemical blending solutions, as well as Digital Mosaic, a proven technology platform that helps car wash operators manage their subscriptions and loyalty programs.

“We are excited to have Transchem join the OPW team, expanding OPW VWS’ portfolio of world-class solutions that helps our customers’ car washes perform better, safer and more sustainably,” said Keith Moye, Vice President and General Manager of OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions. “With Transchem, OPW VWS will now offer a variety of chemistry solutions to help drive success for car wash operators around the world. And like OPW VWS, Transchem has been serving the vehicle wash industry for decades with an intense focus on crafting products that help keep people and the environment safe.”

OPW’s portfolio of vehicle wash solutions is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, offering tunnel and in-bay automatic wash systems, payment terminals, process controls, management software, automation systems and now chemistry and water reclaim systems.

"At Transchem we pride ourselves on building true long-term partnerships with our customers, and we are excited to join a company that shares the same values,” said Nathan Ewing, President of Transchem. “OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions is the perfect partner to continue driving Transchem's growth and maintaining high standards of customer service for our existing and new customers.”

About OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions
OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions was formed in January 2019 and consists of PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., Belanger, Inc., Innovative Control Systems (ICS) and Kesseltronics. PDQ is a preeminent provider of in-bay automatic wash systems and payment terminals, while Belanger is an innovative leader in soft-touch tunnel and in-bay automatic wash systems. ICS provides industry-leading car wash technology, like payment terminals, process controls and software management and automation systems, and Kesseltronics designs machine controls for successful tunnel wash operation. Together, they create a revolutionary single source for all vehicle wash needs. For more information on OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions, please visit opwvws.com.

About Transchem Group
Transchem Group has over 45 years of expertise providing the car wash industry with innovative chemistry and equipment. Our mission is to build a legacy by providing industry-leading car wash products and services that are effective and environmentally sustainable. Our Turtle Wax® Pro brand further enhances our offerings, providing a trusted and recognized name in car care. Transchem Group also offers a wide range of supporting products including Autolux brand chemicals, True Vue 2 chemical management, Soax pressure washers, Clearwash reclaim systems and the Digital Mosaic technology platform. For more information, please visit Transchem.com.