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OPW Product Features from the PEI-NACS Expo

Nov 6, 2018

OPW introduced “what’s next” in fueling innovation at the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) Convention at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show last month in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here's a look at three new products from the PEI-NACS Expo floor!

Matt Lauber, Engineering Manager/Director, introduces viewers to OPW's all-new 14 Series Nozzles from the 2018 PEI-NACS Show in
Las Vegas, Nevada. Featuring patented free draining technology, the
all-new 14 Series nozzles have been tested to meet the rigorous
demands of high-volume sites, as well as the tough standards set by CARB for dripless conventional nozzles. Give your customers a
cleaner, greener fueling experience.

Dan Boyle, Sales Support Specialist, introduces viewers to OPW's
all-new ElectroTite Tank Sump from the 2018 PEI-NACS Show in
Las Vegas, Nevada. Developed in the collaborative engineering labs
of FlexWorks and Fibrelite, OPW’s latest tank sump innovation
features no drill dry sump technology. The ElectroTite ships
factory-installed with conduit ports and an electrical wiring junction box, which eliminates the need to install conduit entry fittings in the field.

David Dougherty, Senior Product Manager at PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., introduces viewers to PDQ’s Bay Glow System from the expo floor at the 2018 PEI-NACS Show.