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Payment Terminals and Car Wash Management Tools

Innovative Control Systems (ICS) is the world leading developer and provider of powerful car wash technology solutions that help operators build successful car wash businesses. Through advanced digital control (technology) ICS’s suite of powerful customer management systems offer car wash operator’s complete site integration, including real-time marketing flexibility and multiple attendant-free payment options. This suite of products was designed to provide all car wash operators with improved profitability through the application of advanced, onsite, and offsite technology including:


Payment Terminals

Discover ICS’s suite of powerful customer management systems that provide complete site integration, marketing flexibility and multiple payment options. No other payment terminals offer the same level of security and compliance along with built-in payment flexibility.

Customer Engagement

Managing site traffic flow is critical to customer satisfaction, especially on the busiest of days. On-site signage is your solution for increasing tunnel throughput, minimizing driver errors, and improving the wash experience.

Management Software & Apps

Unleash the full power of this multi-site management and POS system with WashConnect.  This cutting-edge system provides the real-time financial, operational, and performance data that enables you to successfully manage your car wash programs.

Payment Terminals

Auto Sentry® flex

Industry Leading Professional Car Wash Payment Terminal

Make a great first impression on new customers and continue to wow current customers with the Auto Sentry flex, payment terminal. This outdoor, unattended point-of-sale terminal welcomes customers to your wash and provides clear and inviting upsell opportunities through video and audio - increasing upsales, throughput, and profits.

Some of the top Auto Sentry flex features include:

Auto Sentry® Petro

Cashless Car Wash Payment Terminal

The cashless payment solution for express car washes, In-bays, and the petroleum market.

The Auto Sentry Petro, payment terminal is a cost-effective solution for providing your customers with the convenience of a cashless express lane along with our RFID or LPR Auto Passport systems.

By dedicating a lane for customers paying by credit card or utilizing their wash club membership - you can reduce your upfront costs, improve throughput, and enhance customer convenience.

Some of the top Auto Sentry Petro features include:

SmartStart® Pro

Entry-Level Cashless Car Wash Payment Terminal

It’s the smart way to get started! As one of the most affordable payment terminals on the market, the new ICS SmartStart Pro cost-effectively enables secure car wash transactions. Powered by our WashConnect

management software, the 10.4” touchscreen and multiple cashless payment options help speed your customers through the purchase. Customizable decals, graphics and videos reinforce your brand and

offer the ability to cross-promote other products. All this while you easily access real-time financial results from your PC, tablet or mobile. Get started today!

Some of the top SmartStart Pro features include:

SmartStart Pro car wash point of sale system showing feature and benefit callouts.

Video marketing will drive customers to upgrade their club programs and extra service options - increasing revenue and informing your customers of your valued services. Custom branded Auto Sentry Petro videos and graphics are created by The Agency At ICS. The Agency provides car wash marketing services exclusively for ICS customers. For more information on The Agency’s car wash marketing services, visit: www.TheAgencyAtICS.com.

Customer Engagement

Auto Passport RFID

Vehicle Tag Recognition System

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology whereby data encoded in RFID tags or smart labels are captured by a reader via radio waves.

Auto Passport utilizes this technology and brings it to the car wash industry in the form of RFID Tag Recognition. As a pre-paid customer approaches the wash gate, the overhead Auto Passport instantly receives the RFID information from their RFID windshield decal, welcomes the customer, asks if they would like any upgrades, opens the gate, and queues their wash.

So while the Auto Sentry® flex payment terminal is delivering your car wash's personalized presentation, a two-lane Auto Passport system can process more than 30,000 cars in one month.

With RFID technology, we can identify, time-stamp and store information on each vehicle that passes through the wash. And all happens automatically, without user interaction.

Some of the Auto Passport RFID features include:

Auto Passport LPR

License Plate Recognition System

A second system option for automated gate entry is the Auto Passport License Plate Recognition system. Similarly to the RFID Tag Recognition, the License Plate Recognition system automatically identifies and welcomes the pre-paid customer, asks if they would like any upgrades, opens the gate, and queues their wash. However, with this system the customer is electronically identified by their vehicle’s license plate number.

Some of the Auto Passport LPR features include:

Digital Menu Boards

Keeping Your Customers Informed, Engaged, & Safe

On-site facility signage plays an integral part in any car wash operation and helps guide customers every step of the way from the moment they enter the wash property. Signs can be used for:

  • Directions
  • Information
  • Promotions
  • Education
  • Upsell Options
  • Special Offers
  • Gift Cards
  • Club Programs
  • Wash Package Menu
  • Dryer Countdown
  • Gratitude/Thank You
  • And More

But ultimately, all on-site car wash signage has one goal... TO DRIVE REVENUE!

The ICS, indoor/outdoor, Digital Menu Board is the next step in the evolution of the on-site car wash sign and features a 46” ultra-bright display that is sunlight readable. Digital Menu Boards support graphics, animations – even HD video – and are fully customizable. Strategically positioned around your wash property, the ICS Digital Menu Boards bring your site to life and can fully animate your menu as well as promote upgrades, gift cards, club programs, additional site locations, other revenue-generating services, and much much more!

Some of the Digital Menu Boards features include:

Management Software & Apps


Unleash the Full Power of Multi-Site Management and Point-of-Sale System

The industry’s most robust multi-site management and point-of-sale solution. It is your key to connecting all your ICS car wash components to leverage the full power of the ICS system.


  • Integrated time clock provides real-time labor statistics
  • Total control over finances - know where every dollar is and how it has been earned
  • Control labor to determine the best staffing solution; track and analyze each employee
  • Touch screen point-of-sale application is designed for fast and efficient sales processing. Sell anywhere on the property: tunnel entrance, lobby, portable device, and hand finished services area
  • Washpad provides for presell and wash control functionality

Connect with Your Performance Data

  • See information about your wash via smart phone with the WashConnect® app
  • Monitor employee productivity, equipment performance, and payment for services
  • Choose what's important for you to see on your customizable single screen dashboard
  • As your business grows, WashConnect® grows with you

Task-Centric Reporting

  • The Financial Overview Report is ideally suited for the controller level of your organization
  • The Vehicle Statistical Report provides full information for your Operations Manager
  • The Cash Management reporting allows you to manage all of the site's cash in real time
  • The Maintenance Supervisor has visibility into the status, statistics, and event history of every device at every site

Site and Alert Monitoring

  • Improve up-time performance across all of your sites with real-time device monitoring
  • Monitor and track component performance with comprehensive event logs
  • Alerts and site monitoring emails or text messages ae sent to key individuals in your organization informing them of component failures, service notifications, and issues before they interrupt your business

Many Ways to Configure and View Your Information and Analyze Data

  • Reporting levels - structure up to 10 custom reporting levels - corporate, region, state, site, etc.
  • Control what level and type of information employees have access to
  • Monitor real-time operational and financial data for your entire business

WashConnect gives operators exceptional control over a wealth of real-time financial, operational, and performance data to measure and manage the effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability of your organization.

Need to have access to this information remotely? Wash Operators can access the WashConnect interface with the WashConnect App.

WashNOW App

Build Your Customer Loyalty With A Custom Mobile App

WashNOW is a state-of-the-art mobile app that automates the purchase process to increase throughput, enhance customer satisfaction, and differentiate your car wash from the competition.

WashNOW provides your car wash customers with a secure, password-protected account and enables your customers to purchase your car wash services anytime, anywhere.

What’s more, WashNOW is a great way to communicate with your loyal customers. Have a new limited-time promotion to share? Just send them a notification, it’s that simple.

Take your business to the next level by having your own revenue-generating App!

Some of the WashNOW App features include:

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