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Bringing Two Technologies to One Wash Package

May 21, 2019

Business owners, including car wash proprietors, are always on the lookout for something that can, as the saying goes, provide “the best of both worlds.” In the car wash industry specifically, this means providing a spotless clean without causing any damage to vehicles, a combination that has not always been easy.

In years past, car wash operators usually fell on one of two sides of the debate pertaining to which style of wash is best: touch-free (also known as touchless or brushless) and soft-touch (also known as friction). Both sides were firmly entrenched in their positions and attitudes, loudly proclaiming the advantages and superiority of their style of vehicle washing, while pointing out the perceived disadvantages of the other style.

PDQ Tandem® Surfline Light-Touch Car Wash System

Lately, however, there has been a softening in those previously immovable battle lines, and it has been supported by the development of an innovative car wash technology that offers the advantages of both the touch-free and soft-touch styles in one wash package:

Touch-Free Advantages

  • Nothing touches the vehicle except water and chemicals that are applied via high-pressure nozzles
  • Sensors “read” the vehicle in order to better ensure complete water/chemical coverage
  • Can wash a broad array of vehicle types, including oversized dually trucks

Soft-Touch Advantages

  • An excellent method to remove organic and inorganic matter from the vehicle’s surface
  • Effectively reaches hard-to-get areas on the vehicle, such as rocker panels and the vehicle’s rear
  • Advancements in soft-touch design have lowered the risk of contact-caused vehicle damage

As for the disadvantages present in either type of wash on its own, the two styles work hand-in-glove to help eliminate their respective challenges. In the case of soft-touch, these are the potential for vehicle damage and the inability to clean some hard-to-reach areas where high pressure washes can. For touch-free, the disadvantages can be longer wash times and inefficient cleaning, especially when road film is present.

Bringing these technologies together into one wash package, systems like the PDQ Tandem Surfline create an ideal equipment option for the wash operator. With the perfect clean using multiple wash processes, your customers will see the difference and come back again and again.