OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions Introduces LaserGlow Arch Option

LED lighting technology for the LaserWash® 360™ Plus improves wash safety and throughput rates
Jun 29, 2023

DePere, WI – June 29, 2023 – OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions is pleased to announce the development and availability of the new LaserWash® 360™ Plus LaserGlow Arch from PDQ Manufacturing, which is one of the most advanced lighting options currently available to the vehicle wash industry today. The LaserGlow Arch technology provides easy-to-understand guidance during the loading process that visually communicates to drivers when they should pull forward, back up or stop as they enter and position their vehicles in the wash bay. This creates a safer, less stressful wash experience for drivers, while their ability to more quickly and efficiently position their vehicle reduces the idle time spent in the bay, resulting in optimized throughput rates.

“PDQ has built a reputation as a brand that is synonymous with developing high-quality in-bay automatic wash systems and components designed to deliver a first-class wash experience for drivers while contributing to the ongoing success of our end users,” said David Dougherty, General Manager, In-Bay Automatics for OPW VWS. “The addition of the LaserGlow Arch lighting option for our LaserWash 360 Plus wash package is an exciting new wash component that gives our customers another competitive advantage.”

In addition to improving wash safety and throughput rates, the eye-catching lighting of the LaserGlow Arch system can be used to attract potential customers from the street or parking lot, and with infinite colors and lighting patterns available, the LaserGlow Arch becomes a reliable 24/7 marketing tool. Specifically, the LaserGlow Arch features 61 individually controlled lighting segments with each segment capable of displaying more than 16 million different colors with the segments combining to create more than 1,100 lumens of brightness. With 13 pre-loaded programs and five operator-driven programs, the colors can be selected to match the wash brand, holidays, seasonal promotions and even the colors of hometown sports teams.

Technologically, the LaserGlow Arch has improved arch-rotation navigation that is easier to troubleshoot and more resistant to normal mechanical wear. It provides enhanced arch-impact detection that enables automatic testing of the impact-detection sensors. Finally, an improved arch-rotation drivetrain has a larger 1/2-horsepower motor that has a higher gear ratio for optimized torque output and control of the spray-arch position.

To learn more about the LaserGlow Arch or the complete range of vehicle wash equipment and payment systems offered by the companies of OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions, please visit opwvws.com.

About OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions

OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions was formed in January 2019 and consists of PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., Belanger, Inc., Innovative Control Systems (ICS) and Kesseltronics. PDQ is a preeminent provider of in-bay automatic wash systems and payment terminals, while Belanger is an innovative leader in soft-touch tunnel and in-bay automatic wash systems. ICS provides industry-leading car wash technology, like payment terminals, process controls and software management and automation systems, and Kesseltronics designs machine controls for successful tunnel wash operation. Together, they create a revolutionary single source for all vehicle wash needs. For more information on OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions, please visit opwvws.com.