OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions Introduces Updated QuickFire® SureShot Wrap Around Model

Jun 22, 2023

Northville, MI – June 22, 2023 – OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions is pleased to announce the creation and availability of its new QuickFire® SureShot model, which is an extension of its best-in-class QuickFire Wrap Around technology. When it was introduced, the QuickFire became the wash industry’s first high-volume wash system as it possessed the ability to wash more than 200 vehicles an hour. This enabled it, even at high line speeds, to provide full wash coverage safely and reliably for the vehicle’s front, side and rear thanks to its ability to “follow” the vehicle through the tunnel, resulting in a demonstrably cleaner wash process.

The QuickFire SureShot model includes the QuickFire’s patented DynaTrigger Sizer that enables the QuickFire SureShot to “fire” across the rear of the vehicle for taillight-to-taillight coverage that effectively eliminates “skunk striping” with no need for manual, and the Built-To-Tilt socket joint that pivots through a full 360 degrees for thorough coverage of all vehicle contours. These standout features are complemented by the following QuickFire SureShot design enhancements:

  • Enhanced Roller Design: High-grade rollercoaster wheels travel unimpeded over a mill-finished rail that eliminates slippage during the wash process that can compromise the system’s cleaning ability
  • DynaTrigger Sizer: Improved performance makes it easier to dial in and maintain the performance parameters for optimal cleaning. Custom cleans every vehicle, every time as the sizer senses and adjusts to different vehicle widths and lengths.
  • Air Over Oil System: The mountings for the wash-chemical canisters have been made more robust, which allows the injection head to move more smoothly and eliminates the risk of early failure.
  • Larger Baseplate: The new 23-1/2” by 35-1/2” baseplate provides increased stability, which further improves reliability and safety in large-volume washes.

For those operators that are currently using the QuickFire technology, OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions is offering a Retrofit Kit that allows the existing system to be outfitted with the new QuickFire SureShot components. The result will be a wash system that maintains its optimal cleaning parameters over longer periods of time, even when operating at demanding high-volume wash sites.

About OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions
OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions was formed in January 2019 and consists of PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., Belanger, Inc., Innovative Control Systems (ICS) and Kesseltronics. PDQ is a preeminent provider of in-bay automatic wash systems and payment terminals, while Belanger is an innovative leader in soft-touch tunnel and in-bay automatic wash systems. ICS provides industry-leading car wash technology, like payment terminals, process controls and software management and automation systems, and Kesseltronics designs machine controls for successful tunnel wash operation. Together, they create a revolutionary single source for all vehicle wash needs.