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At 200+ vehicles per hour, Belanger's QuickFire® is the most powerful front, side, and rear vehicle washer on the market. With revolutionary features such as the patented Caterpillar Bearings and Dual Directional Travel action, this wrap accurately senses different vehicle widths for increased surface contact and outstanding wash results.

What’s more, the QuickFire accommodates every vehicle with its patented oversized socket joint, which is Built-To-Tilt through a full 360 degrees, helping provide gentle yet thorough cleaning of vehicle front, side and back contours. QuickFire is the only wrap that follows the car for extended cleaning, even at highline speeds.

The QuickFire enables tunnel operators to process vehicles at higher line speeds without sacrificing wash quality. With the patented Dyna Trigger™, the QuickFire “fires” across the back of the vehicle for overlapping ‘taillight-to-taillight’ wash coverage, effectively eliminating rear skunk striping - no manual prepping required!



  • Process 200+ vehicles per hour
  • Greater profits
  • Patented Dyna Trigger™
  • Accurately senses different vehicle widths for maximum rear-vehicle cleaning time
  • Extended boom length
  • Delivers overlapping coverage on front and rear of vehicle eliminating the need for manual prepping
  • Dual directional wheel drive
  • Delivers unsurpassed wheel contact on all vertical surfaces for superior cleaning performance
  • Dampening 360° pivot motion
  • Minimizes vehicle damage
  • Patented Caterpillar bearings
  • Offers smooth wheel movement throughout the wash process
  • New sleek design
  • Enhances customer's overall car washing experience

The Legend By Belanger™ Tunnel Series

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