The DuraBlaster® CV Wheel Cleaner is the industry's smoothest and most reliable lateral-pivot wheel cleaner, engineered for consistent wheel tracking for up to four feet of conveyor travel - while avoiding the erratic 'flip' movement seen on competing models.

The patented DuraBot, converts pneumatic piston travel directly into oscillating motion - eliminating the jerky movement associated with traditional linkages. For maximum reliability and uptime, the DuraBot uses ball bearing construction with a greased-for-life design. And since operators deserve ultimate control, the DuraBlaster also features an on-board speed control that can be dialed in, right in the bay.

Made to accommodate many tunnel configurations, the DuraBlaster features a small operating envelope of 24" x 28", and is easily placed under existing equipment. We know every operator has their own preferences, so the DuraBlaster is designed to work with two different integrated pump stations, that offer medium-pressure and high-pressure applications.

To ensure total coverage from sidewall to sidewall, the DuraBlaster uses twin stacked 8" diameter stainless steel spinners per side, that together use 8 zero-degree nozzles to deliver total wheel coverage at multiple angles of attack. What's more, these spinners help clean the front bumper and grille as each vehicle approaches.



  • Delivers Total Cleaning Coverage of Tires & Rims
  • Two spinners per side give figure 8 cleaning pattern
  • Cleans Every Contour from Multiple Angles
  • With 8 zero-degree nozzles per side, on two 8” spinners
  • Smoothly Follows Every Wheel for Even Cleaning
  • Patented Durabot eliminates jerky linkages
  • Runs Reliably & Requires Minimal Maintenance
  • With ‘greased for life ’ball-bearing construction
  • Adjusts Easily for Maximum Performance
  • High Resolution speed control – dial in, in the bay
  • Integrates Easily into Any Tunnel
  • With a 24” x 28” footprint, it fits about anywhere

The Legend By Belanger™ Tunnel Series

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