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You already know that online tire shine can be a huge money-maker for your car wash. But now, that revenue doesn’t have to carry a price tag of high aggravation.

When it comes to shiny tires, the chemicals and dressing you use are only part of the answer. Equally important, is how well (and cost-effectively) products are applied. The patented DuraShiner® CF is the world’s first and only automatic tire shiner specifically designed for conveyor free applications. It’s built to work for in-bay operators and is the perfect solution for belt conveyor applications, delivering both immediate new revenue, and sustainable repeat business.

Instead of relying on guiderails to capture tires, the DuraShiner CF uses Floating Head Technology to adapt to customers’ vehicle positioning, providing superior results to the fixed-position tire shiners currently available. The DuraShiner CF overcomes even extreme vehicle orientation issues to auto-align the applicator rollers with each wheel, “bringing the shine to the tire”, every time

And now, the industry’s only award winning tire shiner is available with foam rollers or soft-tipped brush fill. You choose what works best for your operation and customer expectations. Foam Roller or brush fill, you can count on the DuraShiner CF to deliver consistent shine, rim-to-tread coverage and minimal chemical usage.



  • Floating Head Technology
  • Uses articulating bi-knuckle arms, "bringing the shine to the tire"
  • Vertical Stops
  • Limit damage to the machine in case of a drive-over while heavy gauge covers support the vehicle’s weight
  • Fine Tuning Leveling Bolts
  • Raise and lower tire shiner to adjust applicator contact height or to level machine front –to-back simplifying your installation.
  • Compatible with water or solvent-based tire dressing
  • Choose your preferred chemical brand and chemistry for your operation
  • Exit-End Photo Eyes
  • Retract machine quickly to help prevent damage in case of accidental customer back-up
  • Available in aluminum or powder coated finish
  • Add visual appeal to support your image and brand


The DuraShiner features 15 soft, round foam applicator rollers that readily glide over tire sidewalls to provide “even better than hand applied” results.

Part of the secret is in the foam’s density. It’s soft enough to contour to the sidewall for "Rim-to-Tread" coverage, but dense enough to hold chemical in suspension for precise application coverage with virtually no chemical waste.

Because these foam applicator rollers are independent from one another, they not only accommodate the moving tire sidewall more effectively but can also be individually replaced which holds down maintenance expenses.

The ChemPress system keeps the applicator rollers automatically primed for unmatched "Rim-to-Tread"℠ coverage.

Because a great shine starts with a great prime, DuraShiner features an automatic priming system that readies applicator rollers at the push of a button. While the PLC dispenses exactly the chemical needed, the ChemPress rollers rotate against the applicator rollers.

This compression pulls chemical into the applicator rollers through capillary action, while spreading an even coat of dressing over the applicator surface. The result ... perfect "Rim-to-Tread"℠ coverage every time.

ChemCycle® roller rotation evenly disperses chemical throughout applicator rollers to keep the chemical on the tire and off the floor, walls and vehicle.

This ChemCycle technology enables operators to set the entire roller boom to rotate one-quarter turn at your predefined intervals. This rotation keeps the applicator rollers evenly saturated, and prevents gravity from pulling the dressing onto your tunnel floor.

The DuraShiner is the only tire shiner to feature a tool-free boom which opens with one hand, enabling operators to replace a full set of applicator rollers in five to seven minutes.

Competitive shiners require pliers & wrenches, plus a minimum of 1 hour of labor to completely replace their applicator pads. In fact, one unit even has a total of 32 cotter pins located on bottom edge of the pads that are nearly impossible to get out.

The DuraShiner is dramatically different from its competition. With the DuraShiner® a complete set of applicator rollers can be replaced in as little as five minutes and with no tools required. Simply open the tool-free boom with its quick-release knob and the entire thing swings out with one hand for trouble-free applicator roller rotation or replacement.

The DuraShiner features a PLC which delivers precision chemical metering, providing real-time responsiveness to meet your wash's tire shining demand.

With the PLC chemical management controller, you can set the precise time and amount of chemical dispensed onto your application rollers. This ensures that you are delivering a perfect tire dressing application with no chemical sling or waste.


The soft-tipped nylon brushes easily conform to all ire sizes, including the most rugged truck tires on the road today, to deliver the perfect shine every time.

Programmable chemical controls let you determine when to apply and how much to use for on-time and controlled chemical consumption.

Adjustable pressure feature to ensure optimal brush penetration for complete coverage of tire and sidewalls.

Available in electrical or hydraulic models to fit your operational requirements. Electric Drive uses to .75 Hp 3-phase motors. Hydraulic drive requires 2 GPM @ 1000 psi with ½” supply lines.

Available Models


DuraShiner CF With Foam

Durashiner Brush Card 800x700

DuraShiner CF With Brush

The Legend By Belanger™ Tunnel Series

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