Belanger offers award-winning conveyors and accessories for the perfectly tailored wash experience. Learn about them and which would benefit your car wash needs.
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Application Arches

OPW VWS delivers application arches that are truly innovative. Discover all of the different applications and systems available today.
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Foaming® applications are car wash operators and customers’ favorites. Each foaming delivery system optimizes coverage and car wash foamer solution usage.
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OPW VWS's complete suite of car wash dryer models has you covered from all angles. Choices include the AirCannon, SideKick and DryLite drying systems.
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Top Cleaning

Belanger offers an array of top washers for your car wash system. High-tech, high-performance materials and exceptional functional design are delivered with each top cleaning system.
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Side Cleaning

Belanger offers the best side washers in the car wash industry. Learn all about QuickFire, GyroWrap and Wave Side Washers with each of their unique, innovative features.
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Prep Jet System

Our Prep Jet™ features and benefits are endless. It can provide the effective prep work with dual holders and wands, each delivering 1000 PSI @ 8 GPM – more than twice the power of an average self-service spray wand.
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Tire & Wheel Cleaning

Belanger offers the best wheel and tire cleaning® choices in the car wash industry. Learn all about them and each of their benefits today.
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Tire Shiners

Belanger's car wash components for tires shine® are award-winning and available in multiple configurations to meet your car wash’s specific needs.
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Undercarriage Manifold

Belanger's Undercarriage Wash Manifold® effectively flushes away grime to protect critical underbody areas of each vehicle.
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rTc Car Wash Controller

Managing your car wash just got easier. Now, with r-TC remote controllers®, you can manage your site from virtually anywhere. You can even control multiple sites from one place.
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MixStir® is a chemical mixing tank that maintains ready-to-use solution without the need for manual handling, measuring or mixing of concentrated chemicals.
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Wind Door

Belanger Wind Doors® form a weather-tight seal to protect your bay against the elements. Keep equipment safe and limit costly potential downtime.
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