Quad Wave Mitter™

The front-to-back Quad Wave Mitter™ delivers a full-sized clean in just seven feet of tunnel space. It is perfect for polishing applications, the Quad Wave Mitter has synchronized cloth tips that connect with the vehicle top surfaces.
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Wave Across™

The side-to-side Wave Across™ has six separate mitter baskets that work in perfect synchronicity, giving customers the best car wash possible. Learn more about the low-maintenance design with lube-free nylon bearing pivot points.
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Hybrid Hydro Mitter™

The Hybrid Hydro Mitter® is a highly flexible car wash cleaning component that incorporates powerful cleaning action of a high-pressure wash with the added superior cleaning action of cloth, all in one innovative design.
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Whisper Wheel®

The Whisper Wheel® car wash top wash system excels at cleaning hoods, roofs, and trunk lids – all while providing a super-quiet customer experience. Find out if this is the car wash system for you.
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The MiniFlex top wheel from Belanger requires less than 7’ of tunnel space by utilizing our patented “gator gear’ design for a compact footprint. Add another top wheel for added top cleaning or extra-service revenue generating equipment in less tunnel space than two conventional top wheels.
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Washnetics Accuspin

AccuSpin Top Wheel

The Accuspin top wheel provides the perfect combination of cleaning power and worry-free operation.
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Belanger's Washnetics car wash Mitter Curtain

Wash Mitter

The Washnetics Mitter is the workhorse in the tunnel with features that are designed to enhance longevity, performance and improve the customer experience.
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