Designed as a dedicated horizontal surface washer, the Whisper Wheel® excels at cleaning hoods, roofs and trunk lids – all while providing a super-quiet customer experience. The uniquely shaped Neo-Tex™ closed-cell foam wash 'fingers' provide superior wash penetration with vastly reduced in-car noise levels.

To deliver consistent cleaning results, regardless of vehicle size or shape, the Whisper Wheel features one of the industry's highest pivot points, along with a fully adjustable counterweight. This allows it to glide over customer vehicles with just the right pressure – maximizing cleaning effectiveness and safety.

Because the Whisper Wheel is a key contributor in achieving a clean car, it's built for maximum uptime and dependable operation. The fully-boxed 'I-Beam' aluminum frame is corrosion-free, rigid and strong. The sealed automotive-grade bearings are 'greased for life' and require zero maintenance.

When used with a Belanger controller, the available Auto-Retract option automatically senses open truck beds and safely lifts out of the way. This can make the Whisper Wheel a smart choice for operators who want the benefits of a top wash wheel that actively accommodates every vehicle.



  • Superior top surface washer
  • Advanced cleaning results
  • One of the highest pivot points available
  • Ensures a safe but effective vehicle wash
  • Grease-free bearing design
  • Minimal maintenance with less downtime
  • Neo-Tex™ closed-cell wash media
  • Self-cleaning for greater performance
  • Fully boxed 'I-Beam' construction
  • Outstanding product durability

The Legend By Belanger™ Tunnel Series

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