Big on Performance and Reliability,
Small on Tunnel-Space Requirements

The MiniFlex top wheel from Belanger requires less than 7’ of tunnel space by utilizing our patented “gator gear" design for a compact footprint. Add another top wheel for added top cleaning or extra-service revenue-generating equipment in less tunnel space than two conventional top wheels.

As a dedicated horizontal surface washer, the MiniFlex excels at cleaning hoods, roofs and trunk lids – all while providing a super-quiet customer experience. The uniquely shaped NeoTex™ closed-cell foam wash ‘fingers’ provide superior wash penetration with vastly reduced in-car noise levels. The uniquely designed counterweight and built-in dampener help the wheel maintain proper pressure and smooth movement during the washing process, for optimal cleaning performance.

Some of the MiniFlex's top design features include:


"Gator Gear" Design (Patented)"Gator Gear" Design (Patented)

Enables the MiniFlex to have an ultra–compact design that requires less tunnel space.


Superior Top-Surface WasherSuperior Top Surface Washer

Delivers advanced contoured cleaning results to all horizontal surfaces including hoods, roofs, and trunk lids.


Safety & ControlSafety & Control

The counterweight and built–in dampener design helps the wheel maintain proper pressure and smooth movement during the wash process for exceptional wash results.


Uniquely Shaped NeoTex™ MediaUniquely Shaped NeoTex™ Media

Provides superior wash penetration with vastly reduced in–car noise levels.



Option automatically senses open truck beds and safely lifts out of the way.

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