Boost customer satisfaction with clean, dry cars and a better experience.

DryLite® LED-illuminated, color-changing car wash dryers turn your wash's exit into a highly visible 24/7 ‘Beacon’ that actively attracts new, current, and returning customers. This maximizes the success of Active Site Marketing™ with SpinLite® or illuminated in-bay automatic equipment. Capture more business from the street, and extend the customer-delighting light show all the way through the wash tunnel.

Available in both AirCannon™ general-purpose models and SideKick® vehicle side dryers, DryLite® Dryers are easily configured to meet the specific needs of any wash location. You choose how many nozzles you need to satisfy your drying requirements. And, you decide what position and angle of attack works best for each nozzle. Make easy adjustments by loosening and tightening a few bolts. Less maintenance time means more uptime for your dryers—and more happy, loyal customers.



  • Wall or floor mount
  • In-Bay and Tunnel Configurations
  • Energy efficient impeller
  • Lower operating costs by using less energy
  • High quality patented housing
  • Lasts 30% longer than similar products
  • Adjustable nozzles
  • Precise vehicle coverage
  • Easy maintenance
  • Safest impeller available and less down time
  • Adjustable height
  • Easily adjusts to meet your structural requirements
  • Optional Flipping Top & Sides
  • Target vehicles fronts and backs with targeted airflow

Available DryLite® Models

Consult Factory for additional available configurations to suit your drying needs.
DryLite 30Hp AirCannons Card 800x700

30Hp AirCannon

DryLite 40HP Air Cannon Card 800x700

40Hp AirCannon

Drylite 40Hp AirCannons with SideKicks Card 800x700

40Hp AirCannon with Side Kicks

DryLite 50HP Air Cannon with SideKicks card 800x700

50Hp AirCannon with Side Kicks

Explore the Spinlite Tunnel Experience

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