Touchless Automatic Product Suite – For Every Bay And Every Budget

The Belanger Kondor® touchless automatics deliver an unmatched wash experience, for new and existing bays alike. The KL1 (1-Arm) offers the smoothest one-arm operation ever, while the KL2 (2-Arm) further increases navigational certainty and allows simultaneous chemical application and rinsing. Innovations include a less intrusive, compact carriage head, and installation options for almost every bay size.

What’s more, every Kondor® is built to impress. The narrow overhead rails form an ‘inverted runway’ that helps drivers get in position. The compact carriage head helps users feel safer and eases diagnostic and service procedures from just two ladder positions. The Auto-Resetting Breakaway Arms reset themselves in all four directions.

The Kondor® is designed to clean, and built to keep cleaning. So every Kondor® includes essential solution delivery injectors – including two presoaks and a wax application. Other application options include Triple Foam, Spot-Free Rinse, additional waxes, and bug spray. The galvanized travel rails and proven 25HP motor with CAT 35/35 Pump help ensure an extended service life and ROI.

You Choose the Trim Level That Best Meets Your Needs

The Kondor® is available in 8 distinctive Trim Levels –4 Trim Levels for the one-arm (KL1) ) as well as 4 Trim Levels for the two-arm (KL2). With branding and color options, the combinations are immense. Each offering its own unique look and features. Based on your bay, budget, and business, there is a Kondor® that is sure to meet your exact needs.

The ultra-compact carriage head creates an inviting and clear bay to boost your customers’ comfort and confidence. All Kondor® models feature narrow overhead rails that form an ‘inverted runway’—along with a treadle-free design—to help customers get into a straight position with ease. An additional feature of the two-arm Kondor® model is its ‘field goal post’ shape that helps drivers center their vehicles quickly and safely. Plus, the Kondor® can wash large dually trucks, which considerably expands your potential customer base.

Sample Kondor® In-Bay Automatic Wash Bay

Equipment Shown:
  • Bay Length: 40'
  • Bay Height: 11'8"
  • Bay Width: 16'
Physical Building Requirements:
  • Minimum Bay Length: 32' *
  • Minimum Bay Height: 10'3" *
  • Minimum Bay Width: 12'3" *

*Recommended minimum with Dryers.



  • Kondor® KL2 Two-Arm Model
  • Entrance Sign, In-Bay Confirmation Sign
  • Undercarriage Maniflold, Rocker Spin
  • Cleans, AirCannon 40Hp Dryer


  • Undercarriage Blaster
  • DuraBlaster
  • Triple Foam
  • Foaming Rain Bar
  • Sealer Wax
  • Drying Agent
  • Bug Spray (with floor-mounted manifold)
  • Drylite Dryers
  • DuraShiner® CF tire shiner

Designed to Clean

The Kondor® is designed to clean. So every Kondor® includes an essential solution delivery package that includes two Presoaks and a Wax application and also features the proven 25HP CAT 3535 pump that delivers up to 1,200 psi of high-pressure for premium cleaning power. All solution delivery options can use either injectors or chemical pumps, depending on your preference. And for the ultimate in marketing flexibility, additional application options include Triple Foam, Spot-Free Rinse, additional Waxes, and Bug Spray are available.

Standard Auto-Resetting Breakaway Arms reset themselves without intervention to keep you washing, increasing your uptime while saving labor time, costs, and frustration. When a vehicle strike occurs, the Kondor arms give way and automatically begin the reset process, which decreases the risk of vehicle damage. Furthermore, the premium parts and components used to manufacture the Kondor deliver long-term durability and repeatable performance while maximizing your profitability.

The Kondor® puts the control in your hands with remote access capabilities, including adjustable wash speeds, customizable menu packages, resettable faults, diagnostics, and email notifications. With remote access, anything that can be done from an operator console can be done from a PC or mobile device anywhere in the world. Industry-leading controls and software offer the programming flexibility of 2 sets of 4 wash packages —8 total.

In addition to this, VFD motor controls let you distinctively control the speed of every movement—of each pass on every wash package—for an entirely customizable setup.

A Welcoming Experience

Both the one-arm and two-arm Kondor models offer our patented LED Navigation System™. GREEN, BLUE, and RED lights on the Kondor manifolds and available DryLite® dryers visually communicate to your customers when to pull forward, back up, or stop. This enables your customer to achieve proper positioning, which facilitates faster loading and increased throughput.

The Kondor’s patented Active Site Marketing® option features LED-enhanced triple-foam wing covers and wash arms that cycle through 6 colors. This attracts customers off the street and onto your site and brings them back again.

Also available are color-changing DryLite dryers that turn your exit into a 24/7 beacon to promote your business, reach more customers, and deliver an unprecedented end-to-end wash experience.

Increase appeal with the Kondor’s Branding Package. This Optional Branding Package allows you to promote your facility’s brand identity with your choice of custom logo on your Kondor’s optional center branding panel. Available white carriage covers and colored branding panels are perfect for site branding.

The Touchless Experience

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