Quieter, Gentler, Cleans Better, and Operates Smoothly

The Mitter curtain is the workhorse in the tunnel with features that are designed to enhance longevity, performance and improve the customer experience.

Three 120-degree baskets create more lift to create more mechanical action on the surface of the vehicle resulting in superior wash quality.

Our specialized microfiber wash material is quieter on the surface of the vehicle and cleans more effectively than cloth.

The alternating basket design prevents all wash material from impacting the vehicle simultaneously to ensure smoother operation, less noise/vibration, and a more pleasurable customer experience.

Features & Benefits

  • Effective at removing “eyebrows” around trim
  • Mechanical action causes the wash material to fall off the back of the car quicker and provides better impact on the rear of the car
  • Angled Legs for Greater Stability
  • Stainless-steel construction extends the useful life of the equipment

Washnetics Tunnel Car Wash System

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