Providing operators with unique operational features to set your wash apart.

Washnetics equipment is automated to self-adjust to the size and shape of each vehicle providing a customized wash process that results in superior wash quality. Traditional equipment typically does not address the fact that a Ford F-250 has different cleaning requirements than a Ford Mustang.

Customizing the wash process to each vehicle results in considerably less noise and vibration which puts the customer at ease, minimizes damage concerns, and results in a more relaxing and enjoyable experience. By automating the wash process, Washnetics-enabled equipment facilitates higher throughput without sacrificing wash quality.

Automation of the vehicle wash process leads to the superior wash quality that enables you to reduce or eliminate the labor that was previously required to prep vehicles. Wash solutions are targeted based on the size and shape of each vehicle which provide for effective coverage. This unique approach maximizes cleaning, and optimizes wash solutions, water, and sewer expenses while supporting your sustainability initiative.

Washnetics equipment significantly improves service intervals and minimizes maintenance costs through the use of superior design and materials. The durable stainless steel construction of Washnetics equipment, provides you with peace of mind, maximizes your return on investment (ROI), and extends the useful life of your car wash equipment.

Washnetics equipment is designed and built to meet the demands of the Express market:

  • Superior wash quality combined with speed of service
  • High wash volume on a small parcel
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Business automation
  • Market penetration

Washnetics Tunnel Car Wash System - Rendering

Consult with Belanger Factory:

  • Equipment Shown Bay Length: 100’
  • Equipment Shown Bay Height: 14'
  • Equipment Show Bay Width: 18'

Physical Building Requirments:

  • Minimum Bay Length: 45'
  • Minimum Bay Height: 12'
  • Minimum Bay Width: 16'


  • Correlator
  • DuraTrans XDW
  • Pre-Soak Arch
  • Chemical Tire Applicator
  • Undercarriage
  • DuraScrubber
  • Accuspin (2)
  • Accuwrap
  • Low Side Washer
  • Flipping Arch
  • Chameleon Arch-Wax
  • Chameleon Arch-Drying Agent
  • Chameleon Arch-Spot Free
  • DuraShiner CV 108”
  • 70Hp AirCannon

Washnetics-enabled equipment self diagnoses error states and sends an automated text or email to the appropriate resources (Owner, Manager, Distributor technician, etc.). Armed with actionable information the appropriate resources can be dispatched with the correct tools and parts required to address the issue quickly and efficiently saving you time and money. In addition, the Washnetics Human Machine Interface (HMI) provides a simple graphics-based interface that allows users of all technical abilities to easily configure, monitor and correct equipment performance in real time.

In addition to providing you with a competitive advantage operationally, Washnetics technology gives you the ability to differentiate your car wash from the competition by marketing a wash that is tailored to the unique size, shape, and cleaning requirements of your customers’ vehicles.

Washnetics offers a number of space-saving designs that support the need for superior cleaning with less equipment. Whether you deploy Washnetics equipment in a brand new tunnel, or retrofit it into an existing tunnel, you can be assured that you are achieving maximal cleaning in each foot of tunnel space.

Washnetics Tunnel Car Wash System

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