Great Vehicle Wash Equipment Starts With A Vision

From the company that introduced the world’s first equipment specifically designed for soft-cloth car washing, the Legend By Belanger™ tunnel series draws on decades of engineering know-how, while delivering continued innovations no one can match. Built on the strength of our aircraft-grade aluminum framework, Legend By Belanger™ equipment features a minimum of moving parts. Where motion is required, each component relies on automotive-grade bearings or lube-free pivot points-for minimal maintenance needs and easy servicing.

Anyone can equip a tunnel to produce clean cars. The savvy operator goes beyond that - to produce a memorable experience. Done right, a car wash should appeal to the senses, while reassuring customers the wash is safe for them and their vehicles. All Legend By Belanger™ tunnel wash components are designed around flexible wash configuration models that enable you to build the wash solution that best meets you and your customers' needs.

In fact, our Legend By Belanger™ tunnel components have earned more than 150+ combined patents for innovation and design excellence. So when you choose Belanger, as your car wash equipment manufacturer, rest assured that you are investing in the industry’s most advanced, leading-edge equipment available anywhere in the world!

Your Vision, Your Style, Your Tunnel Car Wash Experience

Legend By Belanger™ tunnel series has always given you choices, to ‘make your wash your own.’ Now you can also choose the drive technology – electric or hydraulic – that suits your business needs and operating style. With Legend By Belanger™ tunnel equipment you can customize your equipment’s appearance, in multiple ways, to make it everything you have always envisioned.

Customizations such as:

  • Framework Extrusion Choices — (Oval or Traditional 4x6)
  • Extrusion Finish and Color Choices — (Bare Aluminum or Colored Powder Coated)
  • Wash Media and Color Choices — (Soft Cloth or Neo-TexTM)
  • Electric or Hydraulic Drive Choices — (Hydraulic or Electric Drive)

Sample 100’ Legend By Belanger™ Tunnel Wash Layout


Consult with Belanger Factory:

  • Equipment Shown Bay Length: 110'
  • Equipment Shown Bay Height: 14'
  • Equipment Show Bay Width: 18'

Physical Building Requirments:

  • Minimum Bay Length: 45'
  • Minimum Bay Height: 12'
  • Minimum Bay Width: 16'


100' Legend By Belanger™ Tunnel:

  • Correlator
  • DuraTrans XDW
  • Chameleon Arch
  • Chemical Tire Applicators
  • DuraScrubbers
  • Whisper Wheel
  • Undercarriage Washer
  • Triple Foam Pods
  • QuickFire SureShot
  • Low Side Washer
  • Chameleon Arch Rinse
  • Chameleon Arch Wax
  • Chameleon Arch Spot Free
  • Rain Bar
  • DuraShiner CVBR
  • AirCannon 50Hp Dryer

We Strive to Meet Your Needs

To meet car wash operators’ needs, Belanger offers equipment that supports their businesses. Belanger equipment offerings, maximize wash bay’s Profit-Per-Foot, with low maintenance requirements, exceptional cleaning performance, and high revenue potential.

Belanger’s engineered designs are meant to do two things. First, they move operators and their markets forward by introducing new concepts that improve the speed, ease and profitability of car washing. Second, Belanger designs equipment in response to the real-world needs of operators, and solves their pressing concerns.

Exceptional Cleaning, High Uptime, Low Maintenance

  • We look forward, but design for backward compatibility where possible
  • We strive for cross-platform design; to simplify training, inventory & ordering
  • Belanger innovations have earned over 150 U.S. Patents to date

You Build The Wash You’ve Always Imagined

Legend By Belanger™ tunnel equipment is the industry’s definitive collection of components for traditional conveyorized vehicle washing. Perfect for new builds and site upgrades alike, the Legend By Belanger™ line delivers the latest refinements in conventional vehicle wash equipment. Available components include:

The Legend By Belanger™ Tunnel Series

Legend By Belanger

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