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Extra Service options set your car wash apart from the competion. OPW VWS offers a wide array of extra service delivery equipment to accommodate practically any chemical application.

Delivery equipment choices vary based on the owner’s preference for chemical application. Application arches supply drying agents, waxes, and more to prepare the car for optimal drying, and application of a sealing agent and/or wax.


Application Arches

OPW VWS delivers application arches that are truly innovative. Discover all of the different applications and systems available today.
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Foaming® applications are car wash operators and customers’ favorites. Each foaming delivery system optimizes coverage and car wash foamer solution usage.
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Undercarriage Manifold

Belanger's Undercarriage Wash Manifold® effectively flushes away grime to protect critical underbody areas of each vehicle.
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Legend By Belanger™ Tunnel Series

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The SpinLite® tunnel car wash system delivers an entirely NEW customer wash experience. From its revolutionary slow-spinning illuminated wash wheels to its patented ShineMitt® wash media, the SpinLite tunnel equipment delivers a better clean, a better customer experience, and a better way to attract business from the street, turning impulse buyers into loyal customers.
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SpinRite® gives every operator the ability to offer a better clean, a better customer experience and a better way to turn impulse buyers into loyal customers.
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Legend By Belanger

The Legend By Belanger professional tunnel car wash system draws on decades of engineering know-how, and more than 150+ patents for innovation, to deliver the most advanced cleaning performance anywhere in the world.
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