From the company that introduced the world's first equipment specifically designed for soft-cloth car washing

OPW VWS is the industry standard for tunnel car washes. The Legend By Belanger™ conveyorized tunnel line draws on decades of engineering know-how, while delivering continued innovations no one can match. Our Spinlite system offers an entirely new approach to tunnel car washing- in terms of cleaning performance and customer experience. Whether you want the Legend By Belanger™ conveyor system or the SpinLite or SpinRite slow-spin system, you'll have a solution that you and your customers will rave about.

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SpinRite tunnel car wash system gives every operator the ability to offer a better clean, a better customer experience and a better way to turn impulse buyers into loyal customers.
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The SpinLite tunnel car wash system delivers an entirely NEW customer wash experience. From its revolutionary slow-spinning illuminated wash wheels to its patented ShineMitt® wash media, the SpinLite tunnel equipment delivers a better clean, a better customer experience, and a better way to attract business from the street, turning impulse buyers into loyal customers.
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Legend By Belanger

The Legend By Belanger professional tunnel car wash system draws on decades of engineering know-how, and more than 150+ patents for innovation, to deliver the most advanced cleaning performance anywhere in the world.
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Belanger's Washnetics Tunnel Wash System - Line


Washnetics equipment is automated to self-adjust to the size and shape of each vehicle providing a customized wash process that results in superior wash quality. Traditional equipment typically does not address the fact that a Ford F-250 has different cleaning requirements than a Ford Mustang.
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Many Options to Provide Add-on Services, Branding and a Unique Customer Experience

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DuraTrans® XDW Conveyor

Belanger's patented DuraTrans® XDW is the most advanced conveyor available in the car wash industry. Learn about its revolutionary design and what performance features it offers.
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AirCannon Dryer

AirCannon™ car wash dryers are constructed with quality materials and the latest in energy-efficient technology. Our dryers last 30% longer than others, lowering total costs.
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Hybrid Hydro Mitter™

The Hybrid Hydro Mitter® is a highly flexible car wash cleaning component that incorporates powerful cleaning action of a high-pressure wash with the added superior cleaning action of cloth, all in one innovative design.
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