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Side Cleaning with proven results

Front and rear surfaces can be tough areas to clean in a conveyorized tunnel wash, so it takes an innovative piece of equipment that can move freely and detect all the unique curves of a vehicle. Wraps such as Belanger’s QuickFire® and QuickFire Plus® units move with the vehicle to ensure that both wash speed and quality remain high.

Traditional side washers stay mostly stationary in tunnel systems, and they may be angled toward the top end to reach the contours of modern rounded vehicles. Belanger’s Low Side Washers are designed to focus on the lower half of the vehicle and the rocker panels, which are often the most soiled sections.

Side Cleaning Solutions

QuickFire SureShot

QuickFire® SureShot

The QuickFire® is the most powerful front, side, and rear vehicle washer on the market. With the cleaning power to perform at 180+ CPH line speeds.
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Wave Full Side Washer™

Belanger's Full Side Washer® is specifically designed for targeted cleaning and polishing of vehicle sides, with a spin-cleaning action and the height to cover from the tops of the side windows down to the rocker panels.
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Wave Low Side Washer™

Designed to rotate against the vehicle's direction of travel, Belanger's low side vehicle washer® cleans into the vehicle for maximum performance.
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Gyro Wrap™

Belanger's Gyro Wrap® vehicle side wash system is a simple, rugged, and compact wrap-around brush capable of washing vehicle fronts, sides, and backs in a minimal footprint.
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Legend By Belanger™ Tunnel Series



The SpinLite® tunnel car wash system delivers an entirely NEW customer wash experience. From its revolutionary slow-spinning illuminated wash wheels to its patented ShineMitt® wash media, the SpinLite tunnel equipment delivers a better clean, a better customer experience, and a better way to attract business from the street, turning impulse buyers into loyal customers.
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SpinRite® gives every operator the ability to offer a better clean, a better customer experience and a better way to turn impulse buyers into loyal customers.
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Legend By Belanger

The Legend By Belanger professional tunnel car wash system draws on decades of engineering know-how, and more than 150+ patents for innovation, to deliver the most advanced cleaning performance anywhere in the world.
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