A Quieter, Gentler & Better Experience

Operators want to offer something “different” to their customers—something that their competitors can’t match. SpinRiteTM offers you a better chance to transform first-time customers into loyal clients with an entirely new approach to tunnel car washing—in terms of both performance and perception. Pair that with SpinRite’s proven wash results, and you’ll have customers that look forward to each return trip to your wash.

Building Loyalty With a Better Wash

The SpinRiteTM system is unlike any other in terms of cleaning power and customer experience—it’s truly different and truly effective. You’ll know this when your customers rave about their clean, dry, and shiny cars, as well as their fun and relaxing trips through the tunnel.

SpinRite alleviates the anxieties caused by the speed and noises. Pleasant sounds and slower-spinning wheels put drivers at ease, which helps bring them back as loyal customers.

Every time a shiny vehicle exits, it marks the finale for that trip to the wash, but it also shows that you’ve earned another happy customer. Happy customers become loyal customers—which means higher revenues and better returns. That’s what makes SpinRiteTM a different, better way to wash.

Sample 120' SpinRite Tunnel Wash Layout

SpinLite or SpinRite Rendering
Equipment Shown:
  • Bay Length: 80'
  • Bay Height: 30'
  • Bay Width: 23'
Physical Building Requirements:
  • Minimum Bay Length: Consult Belanger
  • Minimum Bay Height: 17'10"
  • Minimum Bay Width: 17'6"


  • Correlator
  • DuraTrans XDW
  • Portal Arch
  • Chemcial Tire Applicators
  • DuraScrubber
  • Chamelon Arch Presoak (2)
  • Chameleon Arch Rinse
  • Chamelon Arch Spot Free
  • TopWinders (2)
  • Quickfires (2)
  • Low Side Washers
  • Full Side Washers
  • Undercarriage Maniflold
  • OverGlow Arch
  • Flipping Arch
  • H2Air
  • DuraShiner
  • Drylite 80Hp Dryer

The ShineMitt® Advantage

Spinlite’s patented slow-spinning wheels with ShineMitt media alleviate both the actual risk and perceived risk of vehicle damage at the car wash. It’s not the material that makes ShineMitt different—it’s the design.

  • The industry’s first and only self-supporting brush media—high-RPM wheels are no longer necessary
  • Slower-spinning wash wheels for quieter, gentler trips to the car wash
  • ShineMitt’s patented “fingers” reach vehicle contours that other brushes may not: Each ShineMitt™ arm boasts 1,512 cleaning edges that contact the vehicle
  • The spring-action responses in ShineMitt’s arms, hands, and fingers create return speed, resulting in more touches than conventional media
  • Easy- to-change “hands” make it easy to keep your brushes ever-fresh and clean
  • ShineMitt’s™ record of damage-free washing is impeccable and unmatched in the industry

The tips of ShineMitt media make constant contact with surface, like fingers—delivering approximately four times more touches to the vehicle’s surface than faster-spinning soft-cloth media.

The “fingers” gently but effectively “grab” the vehicle surface and lift contaminants away from the paint, resulting in a tangible clean after one wash and noticeable shine after repeated washes.

Likewise, ShineMitt’s small fingers are not long enough to lasso exterior vehicle components such as wiper blades, and the gentle rotation speeds minimize the risk of knocking off mirrors, antennas, and so forth.

Though it’s not impossible for any automatic wash equipment to cause damage, ShineMitt’s record of damage-free washing is impeccable and unmatched in the industry

When you go inside a car wash that uses traditional foam wash media, one of the first things you will notice are the pieces of wash media that have broken off and are laying on the tunnel’s floor. This is because they easily get hooked on vehicles and can be torn off. And to replace this media, operators have to replace entire media sections and disassemble the entire wash wheel hub, which can be a time consuming and dirty job.

Not with ShineMitts. That’s because Belanger’s patented ShineMitts are stronger in design than traditional media and offer the industry’s only rebuildable wash media. If a ShineMitt ‘hand’ comes loose, simply replace the hand, not the entire stalk. ShineMitts only cost around a dollar each and can be easily replaced without any downtime or hub disassembly. That not only saves operators a lot of time, but also a lot of money!

Quietly Better Returns

As ShineMitts rotate at 1/3 the speed of traditional fast-spinning wheels, it makes sense that the SpinRite is more than twice as quiet.

The effects of the reduced noise level and lower frequency sounds aren’t just noticeable – they’re dramatic. Customers are more relaxed, visibly less anxious, and less apprehensive. They are less likely to be worrying about vehicle damages and most importantly, customers are free to sit back and enjoy the car wash.

Experience the Difference

You can enhance your SpinRiteTM core system with customizations that let you choose the reasons that customers want to return to your wash.

  • DryLite dryers provide targeted results while lighting your exit with an eye-catching LED display to market your site 24/7
  • The AIRIS air-flow management system drives industry-leading energy savings for your dryers.
  • The H2Air arch offers high-velocity, targeted rinsing without the mess and costs of high-pressure sprays
  • Durameleon Plus arches include colorful LEDs and Flipping Foam Bullets that up the fun factor no matter which applications you run through them

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