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The Brains of Your Car Wash

Controllers are the brains of the car wash. Electric and computerized inputs and outputs originate at the control panel, which oversees power, timing, speed, order, vehicle measurement, and other aspects of the wash. A high-tech controller is essential for running a car wash that is both effective and efficient.

Proper titration and delivery are critical for effective car washing. Chemical mixers and delivery systems are tasked with injecting a precise chemical dose with a measured amount of water before delivering the mix to the tunnel or in-bay equipment. Organization and accuracy are paramount when equipping your back room. Work with Belanger, your distributor, and other development team members when laying out plans for your space.


Tunnel Solution Extra Services

Delivering Extra Services Your Way. Many ways to create the customer experience you desire with a complete portfolio of Application Arches, Foamers and Underbody Cleaning products.
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Tunnel Solutions Tire & Wheels

Achieve a deep clean and the ultimate shine with wash tunnels components from OPW VWS.
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AirCannon a

Tunnel Solutions Drying

OPW VWS's dryers represent the ultimate in performance, ease of maintenance, safety and effectiveness. Engineered with energy-efficient impellers, our dryers maximize air velocity performance while using less energy.
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Legend By Belanger™ Tunnel Series

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The SpinLite® tunnel car wash system delivers an entirely NEW customer wash experience. From its revolutionary slow-spinning illuminated wash wheels to its patented ShineMitt® wash media, the SpinLite tunnel equipment delivers a better clean, a better customer experience, and a better way to attract business from the street, turning impulse buyers into loyal customers.
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SpinRite® gives every operator the ability to offer a better clean, a better customer experience and a better way to turn impulse buyers into loyal customers.
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Legend By Belanger

The Legend By Belanger professional tunnel car wash system draws on decades of engineering know-how, and more than 150+ patents for innovation, to deliver the most advanced cleaning performance anywhere in the world.
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