Drying 7

Proven Drying Performance

Engineered with energy-efficient impellers, all dryer models and configurations maximize air velocity performance while using less energy. For operator convenience, all dryers are available in floor mounted or wall mounted designs allowing them to be easily incorporated into various wash models.

You decide how many nozzles you need to satisfy your drying requirements. You decide what position and angle of attack works best for each nozzle. Adjustments are easily made by loosening and tightening a few bolts. That’s all there is to it.


AirCannon™ Dryer

AirCannon™ car wash dryers are constructed with quality materials and the latest in energy-efficient technology. Our dryers last 30% longer than others, lowering total costs.
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DryLite Dryer

DryLite® illuminated dryers turn your exit into a highly visible 24/7 'beacon' that actively attracts new, current and returning customers.
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AirBlade™ Dryer

The AirBlade® car dryer uses twin 10-HP producers to push air through a 2-1/2 inch by 35-inch outlet. This creates a "wall of air" that strips water off of hoods, windshields and roofs.
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H2Air Dryer

Belanger's H2Air® is a rinsing and defoaming arch like no other. Designed as your "end of tunnel" arch, this arch uses air and low-pressure water to strip off foam "In a Flash!"
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Legend By Belanger™ Tunnel Series

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The SpinLite® tunnel car wash system delivers an entirely NEW customer wash experience. From its revolutionary slow-spinning illuminated wash wheels to its patented ShineMitt® wash media, the SpinLite tunnel equipment delivers a better clean, a better customer experience, and a better way to attract business from the street, turning impulse buyers into loyal customers.
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SpinRite® gives every operator the ability to offer a better clean, a better customer experience and a better way to turn impulse buyers into loyal customers.
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Legend By Belanger

The Legend By Belanger professional tunnel car wash system draws on decades of engineering know-how, and more than 150+ patents for innovation, to deliver the most advanced cleaning performance anywhere in the world.
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