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Belanger’s illuminated H2Air is a rinsing and defoaming arch like no other. Perfectly designed as your ‘end of tunnel’ arch with its low pressure, this arch uses air blowers and low-pressure water to efficiently strip off foam ‘In A Flash!’ And because the H2Air does all this without high pressure, it saves water & reduces mist in your drying area.

However, it does not end there. The patent-pending Twist-N-Flip™ action of the blowers & side manifolds uses a single air cylinder for a synchronized flipping action which ensures complete coverage of the vehicle front, sides, top mirrors, and back – every time. Built in dual-feed capability enables you to run up to two different applications for even greater menu flexibility.



  • Twist-N-Flip blowers & side manifolds
  • Synchronized flipping action ensures complete coverage of front, sides, mirrors and back
  • Illuminated light show
  • Entertain your customers while delivering superior results
  • Dual Feed Capability
  • Run up to two different applications for menu flexibility
  • Energy efficient impeller
  • Lower operating costs by using less energy
  • High quality patented housing
  • Lasts 30% longer than similar products
  • Adjustable nozzles
  • Precise vehicle coverage
  • Easy maintenance
  • Safest impeller available and less down time

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