Towel–Dryer Components

Operators have fought the constant challenge of wet cars exiting the tunnel for years, while also searching for that missing revenue-generating addition for top-level wash packages. Now, both problems are solved. From the leader in vehicle wash systems comes the AutoTowel by Belanger™. The next generation of car wash towel dryer technology keeps the microfiber DryMitt media from becoming oversaturated throughout the day. With a patent-pending vacuum system to extract and move the water away from the innovative slow-spin DryMitt drying media and Smart Self-Cleaning Technology, the AutoTowel dries 100% of your customers’ cars at line speeds up to 140 CPH. This means the last car of the day is as dry as the first!

Some of the AutoTowel's top design features include:


20HP Vacuum Manifold (Patent Pending)20HP Vacuum Manifold (Patent Pending)

Consistently removes moisture from DryMitt media after each vehicle, ensuring exceptional vehicle drying results for every car from the first to the last.


DryMitt MediaDryMitt™ Media

Inspired by our slow-spinning ShineMitt media, the DryMitt incorporates a super-fast drying microfiber material to create 100s of mini-shammy hands which quickly remove any residual water left behind – from the front bumper all the way to the rear taillights.


Patented "Gator Gear" DesignPatented "Gator Gear" Design

Empowers the AutoTowel to have an ultra–compact design that requires less tunnel space to achieve superior drying results.


Onboard Cleaning CycleOnboard Cleaning Cycle

Helps keep the AutoTowel ready for action with its fully programmable cleaning cycle which preps the DryMitt media with a cleaner, rinse, and prepping application several times throughout the day.


Safety & ControlSafety & Control

The counterweight and built–in dampener design help the wheel maintain proper pressure and smooth movement during the drying process, and also protects the equipment in case of an early vehicle drive–off.


81" Pivot Point81" Pivot Point

Is the lowest in the industry, to reach the backs of vehicles better – essentially chasing the rears of vehicles down – for better drying results.

AutoTowel Vehicle Drying System

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