Foam Bullets® deliver a powerful foaming light show & targeted chemical application – anywhere you want. Their flashing LED-illuminated nozzle housings attract attention in the tunnel. You program the light color of your choice or cycling to announce services or facilitate site branding.

A variety of nozzle styles allows you to customize chemical delivery, and enhance your customers' experience. Multiple mounting options empower you to add Foam Bullets to existing equipment anywhere in your bay, while Multi-Axis Mounts enable you to effectively target any vehicle surface.

Ultra-low chemical usage, as low as one-sixth of an oz. per Foam Bullet, supports an unmatched ROI.



  • Flashing LED-Illuminated Nozzle Housing
  • Eye-catching way to announce services & support site branding
  • A Variety of Nozzle Styles
  • Customize chemical delivery & enhance your customers' experience
  • Ultra-Low Chemical Usage
  • As low as one-sixth of an oz. per Foam Bullet
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Easily add to existing equipment
  • Multi-Axis™ Mounts
  • Effectively target any vehicle surface
  • Offered in sets of 2 or 3
  • Use pairs & triples to easily configure eye-catching additions to your wash
  • LED Power Supply
  • Available in sizes that power up to 7 Foam Bullets in unison, for seamless integration

The Legend By Belanger™ Tunnel Series

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