Targeted Application of Chemical Solutions is Critical to Eliminating Manual Prep

Our arches provide targeted cleaning (front, upper side, rear, and oversized vehicles) to reduce costs for chemicals, water and sewer while delivering outstanding wash quality, without prep to minimize labor expenses.

Washing without prep starts with proper chemical application. Washnetic arches enable you to customize wash solutions applications based on the size and shape of each vehicle. Targeting front, rear, sides and oversized vehicles provides for optimal cleaning resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

All Washnetics arches feature a unique mirrored stainless-steel design, and are tailored to each product application:

Features & Benefits

  • Complete chemical coverage, specifically targeted for each vehicle
  • Conserves product by only applying what is needed (cars get less than SUVs)
  • Better application targeted on the front and rear of vehicle
  • Upper Side application is limited to the driver and passenger sides of vehicles
  • Oversized application applies additional cleaning solution on SUVs
  • Check valves on each nozzle eliminate chemical waste between each vehicle

Washnetics Tunnel Car Wash System

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