Industry-Leading Soft Touch Choices

OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions, has used its many years of acquired industry knowledge to develop wash systems that optimize the customer’s overall in-bay wash experience. To that end, Belanger and PDQ offer “soft-touch” in-bay automatic systems, which have been designed to produce an incomparable wash event.


Tandem Surfline

PDQ has taken our Tandem product to a new level, it's called Tandem Surfline. We are changing the friction in-bay car wash industry with a soft-touch machine like no other. Learn more about it today.
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Belanger's FreeStyler soft-touch automatic car wash system is the easy choice for customers. Learn more about it and the effective five-brush system it offers, today.
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The Innovative In-Bay Automatic Experience

Related Products


DuraShiner CFBR Tire Shiner

DuraShiner CFBR is the first and only automatic tire shiner specifically designed for in-bay wash applications. It overcomes extreme vehicle orientation issues, “bringing the shine to the tire” every time.
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MaxAir Dryer

PDQ's MaxAir Drying Systems are a breakthrough in dryer performance delivering high-velocity air to the vehicle surface.
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Payment Terminals

Learn more about the most-advanced car wash payment terminals and site management tools available by checking out our complete offering.
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